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desaid manifesto

For us design is not only a synonym of designing mass-produced products or styling of a plastic device. We consider design as a much broader and holistic way of thinking.

Design and architecture both greatly affect on how people behave. Environment, buildings, spaces and objects impact and shape the behavior and thinking. This is why it is important for everyone to have better understanding of how and why designers and architects think and work the way they do. It can be called user-centered design approach but actually better term for the phenomenon is participatory design.

When people have a better understanding of designers’ mindset and how the design process is run and managed they start to understand what is needed to create good design.

Better understanding and ability to evaluate the built environment enhances the skills to identify the elements of good design. With the enhanced understanding of the designers approach people can start demanding better quality for their environment. This is the key for creating better, cleaner, righteous and happier world.