I am Industrial Designer based in Helsinki, Finland. I have a great passion for design and problem solving. I enjoy the challenges and opportunities that team working offers and consider that being one of my major assets besides professional skills. In other words I enjoy working with people.

My professional interests lay in strategic design, concept design, design management, service design and social design. I get inspired from people, different materials, public transportation, public spaces, social design and social media.

I graduated in spring 2009 from University of Art and Design Helsinki majoring in Strategic & Industrial Designer as Master of Art. Besides major studies I took a minor in International Design Business Management (IDBM), including studies both in Helsinki University of Technology and Helsinki School of Business.

Before design studies I have graduated from Commercial College majoring in Financing and also from Vocational School as Technical Draftsman. Coming from versatile educational background I have excellent abilities to communicate with other professionals from different backgrounds and easily understand their point of views.

I have worked as teacher in Aalto University ever since of my graduation and also worked as independent design consultant since 2007, executing mostly concept design projects for different clients, i.e. creating electronic business model for Senate Properties using participatory and service design methods. After the graduation I worked also 1,5 years in the Design Research Department of Aalto University creating Design Policy and Design Guidelines for Metso corporation.

When having time off I love to travel and get to know new cultures and people, take photos, swim and jog.



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My background is in industrial design. I graduated as Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design Helsinki 2001. Even though my professional identity is strongly based on the identity of industrial designer I think the title is still a bit misleading. Personally I am not that interested in industrial product design as such if it is missing a greater social, ecological or ethical content. I am not against consumer product design but it is just not my thing.

I have always been quite aware of the state of our environment and society. For me it has always been a matter of astonishment why and how our civilization continues from one crisis to another. My ecological awakening took place in the mid nineties. With my fellow students and colleagues we developed our thoughts and ideas into interesting, critical and even radical direction. It took some more years until this type of global design movement gained a name - critical design.

Though critical design movement is interesting and I like playing with that type of questions it is just not enough. Instead of being critical and raising questions I want to act. I want to create concrete solutions into real problems people face in their life. I am interested in using my professional knowledge and skills to help those who are in a need of help but don’t have resources, awareness or money to use consultancy from professionals. This kind of activity can take place in any kind of social and ecological development cooperation projects globally. My aim is to give a helping hand to create more righteous living and happiness for people independent of their location or economical status.

I have been designing physical learning envirments for children aged 10-12. I have also been developing corporate identities and different kind of exhibition and fair stand designs. I constantly keep developing different type of ideas such as composting dry toilets, rural kitchens or briquette stoves to be used in rural conditions or in areas that are facing crisis.

Besides of designing myself I have always been interested in design education. I have an experience as design pedagogy from the last ten years. At the moment I work as a professor (senior lecturer) for Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture. In academic environment I am fascinated by the fact that the students thinking is always few steps ahead of our society. For me it is a chance to share my knowledge but also constantly learn new things and to be active in developing something new and innovative. I have had a chance to run workshops in various universities around the world and to contribute in issues such as design concepts for rural areas and development cooperation. I think design education should not be only a privilege for university students. Instead it should be shared as widely as possible - starting from small children. Education is actually very important tool to improve phenomena such as social innovations or user centered design thinking.




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